So … this is a long one … I beg your indulgence …

As it often happens many of us are experiencing different levels of post-show blues. In my years of doing this I have seen a direct correlation between how wonderful the show was to how bad the blues are…the better the experience of the show, the tougher the case of the blues. I think it’s actually a terrific testament to a show if you have a tough time shaking it. It means it meant something, that the relationships formed were authentic and that ultimately, the show will find a special, forever place in your heart.

The blues will pass as other things take our attention … as it should be … and what will help is to grab hold of the memory of this show with passion and allow those memories to warm your heart whenever they wander across your consciousness.

So my advice to all of you … Don’t get over it! 🙂 Life will move us on, especially at this time of year. The Holidays are upon us and the hustle and bustle will sweep us along to new memories.

But relationships matter it’s ok to be sad but then get committed … if the relationships meant something, then work on them … otherwise keep them as the wonderful memory that they are…they are yours … Show relationships can be temporary or lasting, that’s a choice we all make. The fun part of being in a Community Theatre is those relationships often carry us into the next great adventure.

The beautiful truth of the song that Brian and Julie performed for us on Sunday is that after all is said and done … the rehearsals are over, the set has been taken down, the costumes have been turned in, the magnificent performances are over and the curtain has come down on our beautiful run of this show … all of that … fades away … but you … but us. These memories, South Pacific memories are ours … These are the things that make us who we are … we are the sum total of the life we have lived so far and now South Pacific is a part of that and I for one have grown (even at my age) better for having known you. These are the things that matter …

Most of us do this for more than just the ability to be on stage … we do it for the love of theatre and all that that means the beauty, the fun, the art, the work … and most importantly the people!!! These names are now in our hearts and we will always hope that the journey of our life will allow us to be together again … and … if we are so inclined, we won’t simply wait on the fates to make that happen.

It is why it’s called COMMUNITY Theatre. A place like the Guild is where our paths cross on purpose … an intersection point in our life journey where we know we will be warmly welcomed and where we belong.

This story is now yours and what makes it better is that it is shared by this special group of people.

We each have moments like this that are markers of joy and love in our lives.

I can never hear “I, am, I Don Quixote” without hearing my dearest friend, Brian sing “I’m Sancho, yes, I’m Sancho …”, I’ll never hear “To Life, To Life, L’Chaim …” without hearing the exquisite Tom Sparrow singing along with me …

Just as now, I will never hear “Wash That Man …” without seeing and hearing our beautiful bevy of nurses or “Nothing Like a Dame …” without the humor and energy of our Seabees, or “Bali Ha’i …” without the wistfully alluring beauty of Colleen’s amazing performance, or “You Have to be Carefully Taught … ” without Kevin’s passionate earnestness, or “Wonderful Guy …” without Kathleen’s happy, beautiful, hopeful performance … and I will always see my beautiful Nellie’s face when I hear (or sing) “Some Enchanted Evening!” This is a good thing these are our memories and they are always stronger when shared by those we care about … thus the importance of community.

I always say Community is Intentional … you create it and sustain it on purpose. Our South Pacific community is now one of the heart and it can only be diminished by not caring for it. So, keep these shared memories alive in your heart, allow them to bring a twinkle to your eye in the middle of a crappy day and use them to illuminate your expectation and focus on future communities that you will get to be a part of. South Pacific will be one of the standards that you use to measure how a theatrical community is formed and nurtured. The Guild is a perfect place to let these lessons play out. All of the rest of our shows can be better because of what we’ve done here … it’s how we grow.

Once you have found them … Never let them go! Our memories of South Pacific are our forever gifts to one another. Cherish them, celebrate them, and be grateful to have them.

I’m going to travel up Emile’s hill now … you are always welcome!

Written by Mike Moseley aka Emile deBeque