I’ve never been much of a blogger … sure I like to post about things I hate on Facebook as much as the next guy but a whole entry? That requires thought and a desire to “say something.” I started going through topics in my head about what to talk about. Do I talk about my past year, being involved with the Players Guild of Dearborn and how life changing and supportive everyone has been? Do I talk about my experiences in directing my first show Rumors? Do I talk about this amazing cast we’ve (I say we because contrary to popular belief, everything at the Guild is a team effort, including casting) assembled? Yes, I suppose I do have things to talk about! I’ll try and spread them out over a few entries so as not to bore or overwhelm.

I’ve been involved with the theatre ever since a high school challenge landed me in my very first show “The Mousetrap” back in 1991. I wasn’t supposed to get it … believe me, I was told as much. But I did get it and I instantly fell in love with the whole process. The acting, the directing, the lights, the sound, the builds. The thing that captivated me most was the camaraderie …the coming together of all types of people for one common goal. That’s why kids are sad when they leave high school theatre. It’s not the shows, although they are great fun. It’s the process, the friendships, the laughter. I don’t remember much about the shows but I remember our director Mr. Penski introducing all of us to the band Queen as we painted the sets. I remember howling with laughter at all the little in-jokes made possible by one line slip-up. I remember the cast parties as we came up with product tie-ins for Quee, the little dwarf in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. When it came time to graduate, I was sad because I thought I lost all this forever.

Community Theatre was something I never even considered … I didn’t know any adult actors who were involved. I just assumed theatre was a high school thing and when it’s over, you move on. After a couple year sabbatical, I began working for the city of Dearborn Heights. By night, my place of employment became a community theatre. After sharing stories with my boss about my theatre background, she informed me that she was involved with the group in our building and that I should get involved. To make a long story short, I was in love again. The camaraderie was back and the smaller nature of the group afforded me a chance to do what I was destined to do, direct. I say destined because another high school director liked to chastise me for always trying to “fix” the show. I like to think it was a calling.

My 20 years with Dearborn Heights Civic Theatre were beyond fulfilling but it became clear to me that unless I found more like-minded individuals to share my passion, the growth of the group would always be stifled. I made the decision to leave the group and try my hand at the other game in town, The Players Guild of Dearborn.

Everything I had been searching for, I found here. I can say without hesitation that this is how theatre should be done. I can’t tell you what it means to be in a place that understands your passion and supports it. That is a huge deal. From the President, to the committee heads and all the talented performers, they understand the true meaning of “community” theatre. If you’re not already a member, please consider joining and be a part of a terrific group of people and some hugely entertaining productions.

The cast of Rumors are in rehearsals and are in very good shape to bring you a truly wonderful show that I promise will have you, the audience, in stitches. More on that next time!

Marc Walentowicz
Rumors Director