By Neil Simon

On Our Stage in Our 90th Season

Audition Dates: July 17 and 18, 2017

Production Dates: September 15-17, 22-24, 29-October 1, 2017

Produced in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.

The Show

Neil Simon’s first Broadway comedy smash, which premiered in 1961! Alan Baker, a 30-ish swinging bachelor with time, money and women to spare, welcomes his rebellious and eager 21-year-old brother Buddy into his den of iniquity in Manhattan. Before long, Buddy outshines Alan in wooing women and mastering the liquor cabinet. Meanwhile, their horrified parents can only watch the two boys, and pray.

The Crew

Director – Kori Bielaniec
Assistant Director – Marc Walentowicz
Producers – Chris Boudreau and Loretta Bullock
Stage Managers – Chris Boudreau and Dave Kanclez
Set Design – Ross Grossman
Lights & Sound – Chris Boudreau and Stan Guarnelo
Set Construction & Painting – Chris Boudreau, John & Loretta Bullock, Ross Grossman, Mike Herman, Kurtys Hipkins, David James, Dave Kanclez, Richard Moore, Gordon Mosley, John Sczomak, Anita Stinson, Phil Walling, and David Wood
Hair & Makeup – Jeff Bartos, assisted by Julie Ballantyne Brown, Frann Stempek, and the cast
Costumes – Inez Hernandez assisted by the cast
Props – Rebecca Hermen, Steve Gautreau, Ross Grossman, Carol Bielaniec, and Kori Bielaniec
Publicity – Brian Townsend, Sue Suchyta, Melissa Foster, Kori Bielaniec, and Mike Moseley
Social Media – Kori Bielaniec
Website – Tom Sparrow
Postcard Mailing – John Hutchinson, Nancy Schuster, Melissa Foster, John Sczomak, Tom Sparrow, Julie Sparrow, Marcie White, Kathy White, Victor Hydel, David Wood, Sally Goodman, Steve Gautreau, Betty Kolinski, and Mike Hermen
Programs – Nancy Valentini, Brian Townsend, Kori Bielaniec, Richard Moore, John Sczomak, Tom Sparrow, Denise Tucker, and Megan Lizbinski
Tickets – Tracey Boudreau and Julie Sparrow
AfterGlow – Lois Sczomak
Cast & Crew – Tim Carney
50/50 and Intermission – Frann Stempek assisted by the members
Ushers – Matt Ripper assisted by the members
Original Cover Art – Brian Townsend

The Cast

Alan Baker – Alex Gojkov

Buddy Baker – Graham Dallas

Mr. Baker (Father) – Rob Eagal

Mrs. Baker (Mother) – Sue Delosier

Peggy Evans – Jazzmin Sharara

Connie Dayton – Nicole Harris

Female Visitor – Marsha Barnett-Krause

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