The Players Guild of Dearborn, one of Dearborn’s best kept secrets, is currently preparing Stephen Sondheim’s musical, A Little Night Music, for presentation to Dearborn audiences the last weekend in April and the first three weekends in May.

A Little Night Music is a fanciful tale set in Sweden at the turn of the 20th century. Middle-aged lawyer Fredrik Egerman brings his new 18-year-old bride Anne to a play starring his former mistress, Desirée Armfeldt.

Before long, Desirée subtly weaves her way back into Fredrik’s life and they rekindle their romance, incurring the wrath of her current lover, the pompous and jealous Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm. To complicate matters, Carl-Magnus’ wife Charlotte warns Anne of both their husbands’ infidelities, and the two make plans to “shame Desirée back behind her wrinkles.”

But Desirée has plans of her own, and before long all the mismatched couples — including Fredrik’s son Henrik (who is hopelessly in love with Anne), the Egerman’s lusty maid Petra, and Desirée’s daughter Fredrika — find themselves at the country estate of Desirée’s mother, the worldly Madame Armfeldt.

As the weekend in the country unfolds, secret desires are exposed, tension runs high, and the sun won’t set until all the lovers find their true partners.

The musical is being produced in cooperation with Music Theater International.

Followers of this blog will get a back-stage view of the casting, rehearsals, and performances of A Little Night Music. Welcome to the theatre.