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ATG – Night Music 29 – The Final Weekend

Over the past weekend, the cast and crew of the Players Guild of Dearborn gave three final performances of Stephen Sondheim’s musical, A Little Night Music. The houses for all three shows were small, but enthusiastic and appreciative. The show came together nicely and all of the

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ATG – Night Music 28 – The First Matinee

The first Sunday matinee went well. We had about a three-quarter house, but they were some of our regulars and they seemed to enjoy the show. Harold Jurkiewicz, our director, was at a dress rehearsal for another show he’s directing. Bob Jones, our angel, was in the

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ATG – Night Music 27 – The Second Show

I went to the Guild about 1600 to let the substitute pianist in. He’s never seen the score and he’s scheduled to play tonight. I hope he’s a good sight-reader. I went back to the Guild around 1730 for the show. I had to scrounge up some

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ATG – Night Music 26 – Opening Night

It’s Opening Night We did open, but, in actuality it was more like a final dress rehearsal with a pretty big audience. Where to begin? I spent the hour before the show in the lobby greeting audience members at the West entrance. I like doing that. Julie

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ATG – Night Music 25 – Final Rehearsal

Final Rehearsal OK. We got through the last rehearsal without stopping … almost. There were a couple of stops for music. There were some set changes that seemed to take forever. The intermission break was too long. We’re talking three hours from start to finish. Whew. There

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ATG – Night Music 24 – Another Long One

Another long and frustrating rehearsal night. Director Harold Jurkiewicz  has not been given enough time to work with the David Reynolds our Lighting Director, so much of the evening consisted of David lighting a scene and Harold giving adjustment instructions. “More light here.” “Deeper shadows over there.”

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ATG – Night Music 23 – Rough Night

Rough night. April 22. One of the actors tripped over a set piece and got banged-up a bit. A different flute player. No pit piano player so Paul Abbott played and directed. This kind of thing happens in community theatre, especially with groups that run their shows

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ATG – Night Music 22 – Tech Sunday

Tech Sunday. Lots of stuff going on at The Players Guild of Dearborn. It’s Tech Sunday. So, here, in no particular order … Cast and crew began assembling around 11:00AM. The way down basement was divided into Women and Men dressing rooms. The stage was cleared of

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ATG – Night Music 21 – Ah, Community Theatre

  The Players Guild of Dearborn was an active place on Saturday, April 20. The cast of the Stephen Sondheim musical, A Little Night Music rehearsed in the Clubroom from Noon until 5:00PM. The orchestra rehearsed in the auditorium from 10:00AM until 2:00PM. The stage crew worked on the

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ATG – Night Music 20 – Ah, Hell Week

  Ah, community theatre. Ah, Hell Week. Where to begin? The April 18 rehearsal couldn’t be on the stage as the Stage Committee was there in force putting the finishing and, in some cases, beginning touches on set pieces. In a corner of the Clubroom, Stan LaFramboise

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