SCI Flooring is finished installing the tile in the Clubroom, Back Hallway, and Kitchen. We are asking that people stay out of those areas until Monday, December 9 to allow the tile to set up. SCI also finished installing carpeting in the handicapped areas of the auditorium.

The Clubroom floor – retiled. The camera didn’t quite capture the true colors. Dave Wood and I think it will be spectacular when it’s sealed and polished.

In the meantime, rehearsals for BoeingBoeing are being held in the basement. The cast and crew members enter the basement through the entrance to the basement on the west side of the building. Prior to last night’s rehearsal, Sue Suchyta was on hand to take publicity photos. Some candid shots of that activity are seen below.

BoeingBoeing Director Brian Townsend, coaches Alex Gojkov in something or other. We’re not sure just what.

Brian “blocks” a publicity shot. Seen in the photo in the back row are Jennifer Beitzel, Nick Graham, Alex Gojkov, and Jillian Drapala. Kori Bielaniec is in the front row.

Brian urges the cast to act. Sue snaps the picture. BoeingBoeing opens in mid-January.