Yesterday, December 2, a small crew of members emptied the Clubroom, the kitchen, and the back hallway of furniture in preparation for the installation of the floor tile. Dave Wood and Pat Denyer worked during the day to move the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator out of the kitchen. Dave and Pat also moved the rolling prop shelves to the lobby.

In the evening, Richard Moore, John Sczomak, Pat Denyer, MaryAnn Denyer, Mary Calder, Chris Boudreau, Luke Boudreau, Steve Gautreau, and Diane Cliff (I hope I didn’t miss anybody) moved the other furniture into either the lobby or the auditorium and the place is ready for the tile company.

SCI Flooring out of Southfield will be at The Guild today, December 3, to begin the installation of the new tile. Stay tuned.

Clubroom furnishings in the lobby of The Guild.

Pat Denyer and Richard Moore move the piano while Chris Boudreau and Steve Gautreau watch.
Richard Moore and Pat Denyer move the piano while Steve Gautreau and Chris Beaudreau watch.

Ready for tiling.
Ready to be tiled.