This is the final weekend for the Players Guild of Dearborn production of the Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones long-running musical The Fantasticks. There have been six performance to date, all received with enthusiasm.

Songs in the show include Try to Remember, Soon It’s Gonna Rain, Plant a Radish, Never Say No, Metaphor, They Were You, and This Plum is Too Ripe.

The show has been delightfully re-imagined by Director Paul Bruce. Audiences have enjoyed Bruce’s use of multi-colored cubes to create the various locations in the show. The lighting design by Chris Boudreau and David Reynolds, II adds another dimension to the production as do the costumes designed by Jeff Bartos and Mary Calder.

The cast includes Mike Moseley as The Narrator, Kimberly Elliot as The Girl, Michael Bollman as The Boy, Jeff Flannery as The Boy’s Father, Brian Townsend as The Girl’s Father, Tom Sparrow as The Old Actor, and Steve Gautreau as The Man Who Dies.

There are plenty of seats left for all three performances. Tickets may be ordered online at or by calling 313-561-TKTS and leaving a message.

Friday and Saturday curtains are at 8:00pm. The Sunday matinee goes up at 2:30pm.

Theatre-goers will also enjoy seeing the recently renovated Guild. The auditorium has been re-plastered, repainted, and re-carpeted. The 70-plus-year-old seats have been replaced with brand new seats from Irwin Seating, a Michigan firm out of Grand Rapids. There are 44 fewer seats than there were in the auditorium, so aisles and the distance between rows are easier to navigate. Audiences have raved about the changes.

In addition, the Clubroom has a new floor and a new paint job. The lobby has been repainted and re-carpeted. The foyers and hallways have be repainted.

In short, it’s a “brand new” Guild.

Don’t miss it.