ATG – Night Music 18 – Everybody Breathe

Everybody Breathe

Harold Jurkiewicz, the director for the Players Guild of Dearborn production of Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music put this post on FaceBook early this morning, “Everyone take a deep breath. It’s coming together.” I’ll follow Harold’s lead.

Last night’s rehearsal went well. We ran the show. Paul Abbott, Music Director, occasionally backed-up in songs to polish rough spots. The “creative rewrites” of the script are disappearing as the actors are getting closer and closer to being letter perfect. Timing and movement are being tweaked. Choreographer Janeen Bodary is patiently putting the finishing touches on Night Waltz I and II.

Everybody breathe.

Order, design, and a beautiful set are beginning to emerge from the chaos on the stage and in the shop and auditorium. We are beginning to see real progress in producing the pieces of Scenic Designer Jennifer Maiseloff’s creations for the show. Jennifer and Honorary Member Helen Liljegren, with the help of Lexie Kaplan and Molly Boudreau, have spent hours painting the pieces.

Everybody breathe.

Technical Director James Mayne is coordinating the work of a crew consisting of Pat Denyer, Mike Kinnell, Gordon Mosley, Stan LaFramboise, Chris Boudreau, John Sczomak, Dave Wood, Dave Kanclerz, Jeff Flannery and a bunch of others. They will soon turn their attention to lighting the show and working on sound cues. They will also choreograph the movement and storage of the set pieces in the limited space backstage.

Everybody breathe.

Costumes are coming together under the guidance of Patricia LaFramboise, costume chair for the show. Mary Calder, Kim Donovan, Margaret Kinnell, Diane Kaplan, Sally Goodman, Linda Barsamian, Diane Cliff and others are helping create the beautiful gowns, uniforms, tuxedos, and other items of clothing. The gowns are gorgeous.

Everybody breathe

MaryAnn Denyer, the Guild’s Property Governor and Anna Dewey, prop chair for the show, are pulling together props and set dressings with the help of their committee. Guns, swords, picnic baskets, a croquet set, liquor bottles, glasses, silverware, combs, brushes, letters, newspapers, fans, luggage, chairs, tables, beds, Victorian furniture, playing cards, tickets, books, a cello, wet clothes, flowers, and a raft of other things are being assembled. Now, figure out where to store them, how to get them where they belong, etc.

Everybody breathe.

Tickets are being sold at the box office on Thursday evenings and by phone and on line 24-7.

Everybody breathe.

It’s coming together. It’s coming together. Sunday is Tech Sunday.

Everybody breathe.

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets online.

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