Renovation work is progressing at the Players Guild of Dearborn. The photo above shows the new concrete floor in the Clubroom. The floor was poured yesterday, August 12, and will need several days to dry.

The outside ramp was poured today. Please, no handprints, initials, etc.

The  photo below shows  the equipment being used to smooth the floor in the House. After grinding, the floor will be restained. After restaining, the floor will be sealed. Please stay out of the House. As there are no keyed doors to the lobby, this means there isn’t any access to the lobby, the light deck, or the attic. So stay out of those areas, too.

The prop closets need to be reinstalled.

The Clubroom needs to be cleaned … scrubbed would be a better word.

Additional tuck pointing is needed in the Clubroom.

The back vestibule needs to be cleaned and painted.

The back hallway needs to be cleaned and painted.

There must be some other things, but I can’t think of them right now.

There is a call for ALL HANDS ON DECK this coming Saturday, August 17 to begin the cleaning and repainting of the Clubroom. Starting time is 10:00AM.

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