We had a pretty good turnout on Saturday, August 24. A lot of things got done.


In the Clubroom, trim painting was started. You can see the contrasting colors in the picture. The trim around the kitchen window was white. Now the trim is a deep reddish brown. Very classy.

That same color scheme will be executed in the back hallway and back foyer. The foyer on the west side of the building is being done in the same color scheme used in the front lobby.

In the Clubroom picture you can also see that the doors to the Prop Closets are being reinstalled. Gordon Mosley and Rich Marengare are handling the installation. It’s no easy task as the Clubroom floor is a bit higher than it was. Gordie and Rich have made valuable contributions throughout the entire renovation project.


In the picture of the auditorium you can see the sample seat against the stained and sealed floor. The place will “pop” with the light green of the chairs against the dark green of the walls and ceiling. The installation of the new seats will begin this Tuesday.

Now that the visqueen is down, Paul Bruce uses the sample seat as his “Director’s Chair” during rehearsals for The Fantasticks.Paul finished blocking this past weekend and the cast and crew can now begin running the show.

There will be additional work sessions on Saturday, August 31 and Saturday, September, 7. There is still painting, cleaning, and rearranging to be done. Information forthcoming. Please join us.

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A reminder and a plea.


Auditions for

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

This Monday and Tuesday August 26 and 27

Dearborn HighSchool

Registration at 6:15

Auditions at 7:00

More Information on the Guild Website at


Our Ticket Governor,Megan Lizbinski,needs help stuffingseason ticket envelopes.This Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday,August 26, 27, and 28.Meet in the Lobby at 7:00pm.