Today – Sept 5 at 7:00pm

Tomorrow – Sept 6 – 9:00am – all day

Tomorrow – Sept 6 – at 7:00pm

Saturday – Sept 7 – 9:00am – all day – lunch provided

Sunday – Sept 8 – 11:00am

See Below for Committee Assignments

Please Join Us!! Help is Needed!!

Casting Committee – House (wipe down all seats – vacuum aisles – pick up debris)

Costume Committee – Costume Room

House and Hospitality – Kitchen (clean and stock for new season

Lights and Sound – Light Booth and both light decks. Go through attic items.

Hair and Make-up – Green Room, Make-up Room, Men’s Dressing Room

Membership and Vice-President – emails to membership

Production – House

Programs and Advertising – Vacuum basement stairs

Publicity – Clean windows in Club-room and at the back of the house

Properties – Lower basement and women’s dressing room. Closets.

Script – Help clean Costume Room

Stage – Stage and Shop

President – All four bathrooms

Secretary – Office

Treasurer – Office

Tickets – Lobby and Ticket Booth (dust and vacuum)

Ways and Means – Clubroom (sweep, dust, organize bar area

Programs and Advertising – Vacuum basement stairs

Building – Stain and install vestibule cabinets, install swinging auditorium doors, install chair rails, prep hallway drywall and prime

Everbody – Touch-up painting, unload trailer to attic, unload PODs to clubroom and lobby, paint parking blocks yellow


The photos above were taken during the installation of new carpeting in the lobby and auditorium. The Guild doesn’t look like the same, old place.