Thursday, May 23, was a busy day at The Players Guild of Dearborn. Members gathered to collate, fold, stuff, stuff, seal, and stamp the membership renewal forms. The Guild’s fiscal year ends on May 31 and a new Guild year begins on June 1.

Patricia LaFramboise and members of her Costume Committee were busy sorting and caring for costumes from A Little Night Music.

MaryAnn Denyer, the Guild’s Properties Governor was working on preparations for moving the props in the Clubroom to other parts of the building to clear the room for the repair of the floor.

In the meantime, Guild members and members of the Downriver Actors Guild began the process of removing the old seats from the auditorium. The seats from the center section of the house are being donated to the Wyandotte group in return for their help with seat removal.

The asbestos has left the building. Earlier in the week, a crew from Environmental Maintenance Engineering completed the removal of the asbestos tile in the auditorium and lobby.

It’s beginning to dawn on me that we’re really going to do this. Stay tuned.