Here’s an update on summer activities at The Players Guild of Dearborn.

Work aimed at stabilizing the Clubroom floor is becoming intense. Employees of Spartan Specialities have shoveled out a number of holes around the inside of the outside walls of the room. In these holes they have driven piles 30 to 40 feet into the ground using a small pile driver. The piles are actually pipes. Small explosive charges will be dropped down to the bottom of the pipes and set off. The small explosion will clear an area at the bottom of the pipe and that area will be filled with cement. These dozen or so piles will be fixed to the Clubroom’s foundation and will prevent further settling of the floor.

In the photos you can see some of the holes, some of the pipe, and the pile driver.

In the auditorium, Dave Reynolds, II, the Guild’s Lights and Sound Governor, is making progress on a new lighting grid. The new grid will provide our light crews with more aiming and angling possibilities and result in better lit shows.

Also in the auditorium, work on the floor continues. The Color Selection Sub-Committee of the Renovation Committee has narrowed the floor color down to three choices. The company that is redoing the auditorium floor will actually paint three small areas of the floor with the three possibilities so the committee can make a final choice.

Work on replastering the ceiling of the auditorium is scheduled to begin next week.

Meanwhile, at the Dearborn Congretational Church on Rotunda Drive, the Guildlings are rehearsing for their 2013 production,Born in a Trunk, a musical revue.

Membership renewals continue to arrive at the Guild’s post office box. If you’re a member and you haven’t renewed yet, please do so. The Guild needs you.!!!

And, Sponsor-A-Seat donations continue to come in. These $300 contributions are helping to brighten the Guild’s financial picture and are truly appreciated.