Even in the midst of all the renovation activities, the theatre work of the Guild goes on. One of the photos above shows Stage Governor Dave Wood painting the Sczomak boxes that will be used as set pieces in The Fantasticks. The boxes were built by our beloved President. Thank you, Sir.

Dave has spent a huge amount of time at the Guild this summer. He has been our contact with the various contractors and he has done a lot of “cosmetic” work throughout the Guild. Dave is fond of saying, “There is always something to do at the Guild.” Thank you, Governor, for all you ‘ve done and do.

The other picture shows the work on the Clubroom floor. Greco Cement completed the floor removal last Friday. The picture shows the sand and gravel fill on which the new floor will be laid. The fireplace will be rebuilt. The pink areas on the wall are where the heating units were. They were removed to get them out of the way of the floor work. They will be reinstalled.

When the floor is finished, there will be an “All hands on deck” call for members to come and help clean. The Guild will pretty much need to be “scrubbed from top to bottom.” Stay tuned.

Our Lights and Sound Governor, Dave Reynolds, II is finishing up his work on a new lighting grid that replaces the old light bar.

Richard Moore, Chair of the Renovation Steering Committee, and Rich Marengere met over the weekend to firm up the project calendar. Check it out below.

Thanks to the Committee members for all of their work on the project.


Here’s the Path …

8/5  Mon – Denken Electric revises clubroom electrical below floor level, and provides new outlets above current locations.

8/5  Mon – Clubroom gutter is rerouted away from building.

8/7  Wed – City inspection of electrical work (approval).

8/8  Thur – Jerry completes plaster work in auditorium.

8/8  Thur – City completes/approves inspection on cement work for new clubroom floor and exterior ramp.

8/9   Fri  – New floor and ramp are poured.

8/12 Mon-Auditorium floor refinishing, staining and sealing begins (through 8/16).

8/15 Thu – Gandol installs new clubroom exterior door.

8/17 Sat  – ALL HANDS ON DECK ** – tuck pointing clubroom – reinstall prop closets – paint vestibule/hallway.

8/19 Mon- Auditorium painting begins.

8/24 Sat  – ALL HANDS ON DECK  **- paint clubroom – finish reinstall of prop closets.

8/27 Tue – Irwin Seating installs new seats (3 days).

9/3   Tue – SCI/Denken install carpet and aisle lights.

9/13 Fri – The Fantasticks opens without a glitch. Audience and membership adore the play and our new look!

   ** We need lots and lots of  help. Times to be announced.