Moving around the room, starting from the bottom left, Ross Grossman’s legs, Chris Boudreau, Diane Cliff, Diane Kaplan, Jeff Bartos, Steve Gautreau, John Sczomak, Alan Ellias, and James Mayne at the Debriefing for The 39 Steps.

Shortly after a show ends, James Mayne, our Production Governor, convenes a “Debriefing Meeting” so those associated with the show can discuss it.

What was good? What could be improved? What went wrong? What went right? How was the lighting? How was the sound? Any problem with props? And, on and on.

I sent Alan Ellias, director of The 39 Steps telling him that I had moved the show’s page to our Past Shows section of the website. He wrote back and said, “So sad it is already a past show.” And then he added, “But, that’s part of theatre. It’s always ‘On to the next show.'”