Celebrate the past 25 years of Players Guild history with us as we revive iconic numbers from over 30 musicals in this historic cabaret! Venerated veterans of our stage perform alongside outstanding newcomers to give our audiences a chance to look back at some of their nostalgic favorites… and look forward to what’s to come as we creep toward our 100th anniversary! We hope you’ll join us for this enchanting trip down memory lane.

PERFORMANCE DATES: The Players Guild: Encore! has been unfortunately postponed till an as-yet-undetermined date.

The Crew

Conceived and Staged by Mike Moseley and Janeen Bodary

Stage Manager: Janeen Bodary

Music Director: Steve Woznicki

Producer: Tim Carney

Costumes: Karen Drugacz

Hair & Make-up: Julie Ballantyne Brown

Lights & Sound: Will Daguanno, Stan Guarnelo, Paul Abbott

The Cast

Juliette Abbott

Jackie Abercrombie

Luke Adamkiewicz

Madeleine Bien

Michael Bollman

Molly Boudreau

Julie Ballantyne Brown

Paul Bruce

Tim Carney

Leah Cooley

Kenyada Davis

Anna Dewey

Joe Donovan

Molly Donovan

Tom Downey

Kimberly Elliott

Sally Goodman

Inez Hernandez-Walsh

Amy Jones

Ken Kilgore

Carissa Lokken

Patti Martin

Colleen Meade-Ripper

Mike Moseley

Jeff Ostrowski

Maura Polack

Brian Townsend

Tom Varitek

Mark Wagner


The Board of Governors at the Players Guild of Dearborn adopted a policy that states that, at this time, anyone participating in an indoor activity on Guild property must be fully vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus.

This policy will be reviewed monthly and in accordance with state and federal health and safety authorities. The Players Guild is committed to providing a sage and comfortable environment for our potential and current members to create and enjoy theatre.

Please see our Health and Safety Guidelines page for a full explanation of our policies.

As we get ready to bring the curtain up on The Players Guild: Encore!, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge our two Silver Sponsors for the season- McPherson Local and Howe-Peterson Funeral Home & Cremation Services! Your contributions to the return of the magic of live theatre to our community are greatly appreciated by the entirety of the Players Guild family. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you.