A Comedy by Neil Simon


Spetember 13-14, 20-23, and 27-29, 2002
Produced in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.


After a six-day honeymoon, a sparkling new lawyer, who has just won his first case and his young bride, move into the new, high-rent apartment that she has chosen for them. But the difficulty is, in order to enjoy the charming character of this apartment one has to climb six wheezing flights to get to it. Not only that, the apartment is absolutely bare of furniture, the paint job came out all wrong, the skylight leaks snow, and an outlandish gourmet who lives in a loft on the roof uses it and the window ledge as the only access to his padlocked premises.


Director Paul Vandevert
Assistant Director Sally Goodman
Producer Valerie Haas
Stage Manager John Calder
Set Construction and Painting John Calder, Gordon Mosley, Mark Ripper, Mark Byars, David Reynolds II, Sarah Blannett, Bill Jentzen, Paul Vandevert, Emily Tyrybon, Loretta and Jon Bullock, Paul Kriner, John Hoglen, Jilissa Hoglen, and Dave Thompson
Stage Crew Mark Byars, John Calder, Annette Ripper, Sue and Julie Dobies
Lights & Sound David Reynolds II*
assisted by Mark Ripper and Steve Gautreau
Costumes Mary Calder*
With special thanks to Milano Fine Apparel for suit retailoring
Hair & Make-up Rebecca Martin
Props Annette Ripper
assisted by Mark Ripper, Eileen Lopez, Sue and Julie Dobies, Caroline Serfass, Paul Vandevert, Jana Smith, and Sally Goodman
With special thanks to Lord & Taylor,
Fairlane Town Center, and Post Net Shipping Center, Dearborn
Publicity Cindy Hintz
Programs Philip Booth, Valerie Haas and Brian Townsend
Tickets Richard Moore and Bob Jones
Ushers Debbie Pletzer
50/50 & Intermission Kim Donovan


Corie Bratter – Sarah Blannett
Paul Bratter –  Bill Jentzen
Ethel Banks, her mother – Nancy Wolter**
Victor Velasco, the neighbor – Marc Rosati*
Telephone Man – Mark Byars**

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

*  Denotes 2002-2003 PAGE Award Nominee
**Denotes 2002-2003 PAGE Award Winner

Cast and Crew Digitized by Mary Stover