a drama by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee


March 11-13, 18-20, and 25-27, 2011
Full or nearly full houses watched this thrilling courtroom drama.
Produced in Cooperation with Dramatist Play Services


A schoolteacher in the town of Hillsboro is arrested for teaching Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to his students, a violation of Tennessee’s Butler Law. Two eminent lawyers volunteer their services to battle the issues in the “Bible Belt” community within a stifling hot courtroom. The town rallies behind Matthew Harrison Brady, a three-time Presidential candidate who arrives to prosecute the young teacher. In walks Henry Drummond for the defense, and the resulting trial becomes not only  a struggle of ideals, but also one between two old adversaries. As electric today as it was when it debuted in 1955, Inherit the Wind is a gripping story that challenges the ideas of faith and the forces of change.


Director, Debbie Pletzer  *
Producer & Assistant Director, Valerie Haas  **
Stage Manager, Alex Gojkov
Set Design, Kirk Haas
Master Carpenter & Inkscape Guru, Gordon Mosley
Stage Construction, Dave Wood,Chris Boudreau, Kirk Haas, John Calder, Stan LaFramboise,Michael Mayne, Paul Vandevert, Pat Denyer, Mike Moseley, Jim Kirwin, Paul Bruce, and Lois and John Sczomak
Set Painting, Kirk Haas, Sally Goodman, Jim Kirwan and Pat Denyer
Lights & Sound, Chris Boudreau and Dave Reynolds, II *
Hair & Make-up, Sydnee Dombrowski *
assisted by the cast
Costumes, Mary Calder and Patricia LaFramboise  *
Properties, Tom Sparrow
assisted by MaryAnn Denyer,Patrick Denyer,Rich Bulleri, Brian Townsend, Patricia and Stan LaFramboise, James Mayne, Gordon Mosley, and members of the cast and crew
Publicity, Meredith Gordon Ferry and Erin Ostrowski
Programs, Angela Keller Pelc,Valerie Haas and Brian Townsend
Tickets, Megan Lizbinski
assisted by Bob Jones
Ushers, Tim Carney and Members
Afterglow, Frann Stempek and members of the Guild
Cast & Crew, Members of the House and Hospitality Committee
50/50 & Intermission, Jim Kirwin and members of the Guild


Melinda, Emily Pletzer
Howard Blair, Donte Verriel-Huffman
Rachel Brown, Kori Bielaniec *
Meeker, Rick Town
Bertram Cates, Tom Veritek
Mortimer Goodfellow, Patrick Denyer
Mrs. Krebs, Annette Ripper
Rev. Jeremiah Brown, Bill Spurlin **
Bollinger, Charles Bollman
Platt, Scott Ryder
Mr. Bannister, David Wood
Mrs. Loomis, Susan Oliver-Deneau
Hot Dog Man, Val Sisto
Mrs. McClain, Loretta Bullock
Mrs. Blair, Patti Jones
Elijah, John Hutchinson
E. K Hornbweck,Kirk Haas *
Hurdy Gurdy Man, James Mayne
Timmy, Michael Bollman
Mayor, Tom Sparrow
Matthew Harrison Brady, Chris Chavez *
Mrs. Brady, Sally Hart Goodman
Tom Davenport, Thomas Hissong
Henry Drummond, Sean Greimel **
Judge, Morris Goodman
Court Reporter, Erin Ostrowski
Jessie Dunlap, Michael Kinnell
George Sillers, Jeff Bartos
Reuters Man, Mark Ripper
Harry T. Easterbrook, Tim Carney
Townspeople, Reporters, Jurors, Spectators, Barbara Wulff, Molly Rose Beaudreau,Tim Carney, Scout Greimel, John Kopp, Brad Martin, James Mayne, Erin Ostrowski, Melissa Ripper, and Val Sisto

“He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind”  – Proverbs 11:29

See Show Photos by – and Courtesy of – Gordon Mosley

*   Denotes 2011-2012 PAGE Award Nominee
** Denotes 2011-2012 PAGE Award Winner

Cast and Crew Digitized by Charles Bollman