The Play

a mystery comedy play by Brian Townsend

It’s a normal, rainy night at the hallowed halls of Uptight Abbey, when the body of Lord Horatio Uptight is discovered with a large knife protruding from his back! Who committed the crime? And why? And will the whole matter be cleared up before the Dowager Duchess arrives for dinner?

In this original send-up of Downton Abbey, the tried-and-true entertainment of a murder mystery gets a theatrical twist as the Uptight family and their intrepid staff attempt to solve — and possibly confess to — the murder of Lord Uptight. It’s an evening filled with butlers and maids, conniving cousins, elderly eccentrics and (above all) good grammar.

All proceeds from this event helped fund our renovation projects, such as the resurfacing of our two parking lots. The ticket donation price was $15, but we also welcomed all generous (and tax-deductable) donations!

On Our Stage in Our 88th Season

Presented as a FundRaiser – Performance Dates
Friday, June 17 at 8:00pm
Saturday, June 18 at 8:00pm
Sunday, June 19 at 2:30pm

The Crew

Director Brian Townsend
Co-Producers Frann Stempek and Chris Boudreau
Stage Manager Jenny Lessnau
Lights Chris Boudreau and John Sczomak
Sound Stan Guarnelo with thanks to Dave Kanclez
Uptight Abbey Theme Music Paul Bruce
Set Design Brian Townsend with thanks to John Sczomak, Dave Wood, Chris Boudreau and Randall Nicholls
Scenic Printing Josh Young and the Detroit Wallpaper Company
Costumes Inez Hernandez and the Cast
Hair & Makeup Kori Bielaniec and the Cast, with thanks to Jeff Bartos
Properties Diane Cliff and Brian Townsend
Publicity Melissa Foster, Kori Bielaniec, Tom Sparrow, Brian Townsend, Stan Guarnelo, Mike Moseley, Sue Suchyta and the Cast
Tickets Tracey Boudreau, Megan Lizbinski, Julie Sparrow, assisted by Members of the Ticket Committee
Intermission & Ushers Frann Stempek, assisted by the Cast of Footloose

The Cast

Lord Horatio Uptight, the lord of the Abbey – Ken Kilgore
Mr. Bakersman, an under-butler – Jake Dombrowski
Mr. McDonald, the butler – Alex Gojkov
Mrs. Yews, the head of household – Kori Bielaniec
Lady Daphne Uptight, the lady of the Abbey – Samantha York
Honor Uptight, her daughter – Amanda Chain
Mrs. Gladys Patticake, the cook – Megan Meade-Higgins
Fern Patticake, her daughter and a scullery maid – Jillian Drapala
Marcus Hugh Wainwright, a charming cousin – Randall Nicholls
Agnes Dundlebunny, an elderly nurse – Brian Townsend
The Dowager Duchess Uptight, a matriarch – Nick Graham
Inspector Reginald Specter, of Scotland Yard – Ken Kilgore

Photos by and through the courtesy of Liza Kue
Please visit her website.