I think this might be “the lull before the storm.” It’s been quiet at The Players Guild of Dearborn, but soon all Hell will break loose.

Insulation has been sprayed on the underside of the attic roof. Holes have been drilled in the auditorium walls for the the application of additional insulation.

The prop closets have been emptied. The prop “wagons” have been covered with visqueen and are being stored in the back hall. Larger props have been moved to the basement.

The Clubroom has been totally cleared. The heating elements have been removed to allow for the removal of the floor. The furniture is being stored in one of two PODs that are now on the property. The photographs have been removed from the walls and are being carefully stored. In the emptiness of the Clubroom you can really see how much the floor has settled.

The photo show the pods that are in the parking lot on the west side of the building. Amy Moore was there today and she said she wished some of the people from 1927 could come back and see the work we’re doing.

Meanwhile, the cast of Born in a Trunk, the 2013 Guildlings show, is rehearsing at the Dearborn Congregational Church on Rotunda. More about that later.